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Posi Struts

Posi Struts are the ideal solution for todays building needs because they offer a wide range of real advantages and savings to the architect, engineer and builder.  Timber Truss Solutions can also manufacture timber web trusses should that be your preference.

Some of the advantages of using Posi-Struts are:

  • Lighter than conventional joists by up to 50%.
  • Various depths - 250mm, 300mm and 400mm.
  • Ability to achieve larger internal room sizes.  
  • Wider fixing area for floor fixing.
  • Open web design allowing for easy installation of plumbing and electrical services.  
  • Strongback bracing increases floor stiffness and reduces squeaky floors.

Why use us

Our Posi Struts are a truly customised, totally engineered flooring system, which combines the versatility of timber with the strength of steel.

We do not use 70mm timber. All our Posi-Struts are 90x 45 MGP Timber

Forget cutting through solid timber joists and reducing their strength. Posi Struts unique "open web" design provides excellent access for services like plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning without the need to modify the joist. Plus they are considerably lighter than solid timber joists so handling on site is a breeze.

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New TTS Website Logo2
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